Chair Yoga

Leah Starkey came to teach our group of ladies the essence of Hatha and vinyasa yoga. She believes that yoga should be done with a smile on your face and valued all our members degrees of movement whilst teaching different techniques incorporating a chair.



A fascinating talk about like-minded individuals go to abandoned air fields, create horrific injuries - using salt dough, ketchup, nappy cream and other everyday house hold equipment - to act out scenarios, to enable our emergency and other agencies be equipped for the 'what ifs'.

If air ambulance is involved - clothes are not the same again!! Yes they really do cut those clothes even when its make believe.



Unfortunately, snow disrupted our meeting and Terry Church could not reach our humble abode. Hopefully we will meet him later on in the year or next.




We learnt some interesting facts about air ambulance helicopters , how they are funded and what goes into becoming a sky hero.

  • Costs 9 million pounds a year to run.
  • Staff are trained via the ambulance service.
  • A doctor, paramedic and flight crew are on board at all times.
  • Life saving emergency can be carried out next to the incident.
  • The government do not fund these schemes!
  • Currently they do not fly at night, due to visibility reasons.

All donations go straight into the helicopter fund.




A new committee has been sworn in to up hold the commitments and safe guarding of Sparkles WI.

Karen - President

Alison - Secretary/events

Anne-Marie - PR/programme

Caroline - Welfare Officer/MCS rep/ Meet and Greet

Cheryl - Treasurer

Beth -  Liaison officer

Sue B - Assistant Treasurer

Anne - Minutes Secretary




logo Wychavon District Council.jpg.gallery

Angela from Wychavon's regeneration team talked about the future of our town.

Angela is concerned with tourism in Pershore, Evesham and Droitwich and is responsible for making many fabulous events happen such as the Pershore Plum Festival, the Asparagus Festival and Saltfest.  Plans are afoot to introduce a mascot for Droitwich salt.

We are looking forward to seeing what that may be!



See our Village fete 2018 page for the class winners and photos of the winning entries.



As usual the weather turned, but a handful of ladies braved the chillier air and plunged into the refreshing Lido pool.  A relaxing evening was had by all, with an historical twist of how the Lido was re-invented and has many fundraising events to help keep this treasure functioning within our home town.




Our very own Jules and the charmingly named 'Nancy Butterfly' group demonstrated a lively form of Morris Dancing. We have an enjoyable evening with group participation in between dances.

The group adopted their name  from a building, but didn't realise at the time that this had been a place for ladies of the night!

Not putting them off, they have embellished their outfits with butterflies galore, even pressed into their leather clogs. If anyone is interested contact the group via their website.




Local artist Rosie Philpott caught our imaginations with her creations.

Rosie gave a fascinating talk into how she develops her creations. If you look carefully at her pictures there is always a particular character to be found in all of her art work.



France Merrony or Michelle instructed us on how movement can help restore our health, prolong life, increase personal safety, heighten creativity and maintain a happy attitude.

Our group were put through a very calming work out involving heaven and earth. We learnt a few moves including: parting wild horse's mane, push the needle to the sea bottom, and turn around and sweep lotus.



Rosie Nadin demonstrated how to unwind at indulgence with a combination of acupuncture, oriental body balance techniques and maybe beauty treatments.