Sparkles WI, have been making

Lonely Bouquets and placing them around

Droitwich Spa. If spotted please take the home. Sharing our love with everyone in Droitwich Spa.


Afternoon tea after visiting the Magistrates Courts in Birmingham. Fascinating history lesson.

Race for life - mud run. Raising money for cancer. Sparkles do their bit for Cancer Research.
Those who ran, Karen, Beth, Janet, Alison and Nikki. All overcame obstacles and succeeded in the challenge. As a group we raised over £800. Beth was our star fund raiser.

Our lovely ladies have done themselves proud at the Food Festival in Droitwich Spa today (18th June.)

Well done everyone.

Time for Tea and Tents. Lots of bonding, crafting and relaxing.

Attending this lovely event were:- Karen, Cheryl, Jas, Jo, Beth, Lisa and Linda.

An eventful time was had by all!