Some members join just for the meetings, but there is always so much else going on. Your WI life will be as busy (or as quiet!) as you make it. As well as our broad range of groups, there are a large number of events organised by the National Federation of Women's Institutes (NFWI) and by the Worcestershire Federation (WFWI).
We also participate in local and national events that share our goals and aims as a WI.

Jigsaw Fun Day

Wednesday 27th March & Monday 15th April 2019 10:00 - 3.00pm.

£6 members or £7 non

Do you love a jigsaw puzzle? Want to join like minded ladies and see which team can be the fastest to complete a puzzle. You will be placed in teams of 4's, so individuals, pairs and teams can enter. Bring your own lunch, refreshments will be available.

closing date February.


Willow Obelisk

Saturday 16th March 10:00 - 12 noon or 1:30 - 3:30pm.

£22 members or £24 non

Cost includes everything to make an obelisk. All you will need to bring are your own secateurs and gloves!

Working with willow needs a degree of hand strength.

Closing date February.



Saturday 13th April, 2-4pm

Hallow Village Hall, Hallow.

Poetry Teas.

See AN for more details.

£6 members or £7 non

Closing date March.



Monday 29th April 2019

To mark this day Members of Worcestershire WI's are invited to join  a walk in Worcester.

The walk will start and end in the car park at the Hive. The route will go alongside the river past the Cathedral and over the new footbridge an return on the other side. This will take just over an hour and is suitable for all.

Parking, refreshments and toilets are available at the Hive.

No charge for the walk, however a small donation to ACWW's Pennies for Friendship would be very welcome.

ACWW are conduction a survey about the living conditions of rural women. The link is here.


Digital Dabble Days

WI House

Monday 18th March

Monday 18th April from 10:00am

If you need any online help please come to one of our Digital Dabble Days. There will be the opportunity to book an individual 30 minute slot and we can offer the following: dealing with photos, emails, Skype, internet shopping, using a spreadsheet, word, powerpoint and more..

£7 per member.


Sugar craft for Beginners

Tuesday 16 April and Saturday 4th May

10:00 - 2:30pm at WI House

Spend the day learning how to create beautiful sugar-craft decorations.

£20 mem £22 non

Bring your own lunch, refreshments provided.


Meet the Board of Trustees of your Federation

Saturday 6th April at Cropthorne and Thursday 18th April at Beacon Church Centre, Rubery fro 11:00 - 1:00pm


Wednesday 19th June at Rock and Thursday 27th June at Callow End.(Frome 7pm - 9pm.)

Ever wondered what it takes to run a Federation of 4,000 WI members? Well now is your chance to come and find out just exactly what your trustees do on a day to day basis, to keep WFWI flying the WI colours; questions may be asked but any finance ones please add to application form.

£5 per member.

A light lunch will be served on the day.



Campaigns and Resolutions Day

Monday 29th April 2019 7 - 9pm

Young Farmers Club, Shires Farm, Hawford, Worcester WR3 7SG

Tickets £7 members includes refreshments.

Come along to this informative evening where you will hear about all proposed resolutions. You have read the information and voted for your preferred topic. Now hear experts views as well as updates on other ongoing WI Campaigns.


Sugarcraft - THE NEXT LEVEL

Tuesday 14th May 10:00 - 2:30pm

at WI House

Having some knowledge on sugarcraft already is essential for this next level workshop. You will now learn how to make a coral reef from sugar paste.

£20 members

Bring your own lunch, refreshments will be provided.



The Lucy Hingley Memorial Lecture

Thursday 23rd May 7:30pm

Mental Health

Lecture to be give by Dr Andrew Molodynski, the Consultant Psychiatrist from Oxford Health NH Foundation.

Tickets £7 members £8 non


Dave Richards 13 May 2018

Coloured Pencils Workshop

Saturday 1st or Monday 17th June

10:00 - 3:00pm

£22 members or £24 non

Come and enjoy a day honing your skills or learning the techniques, the short cuts and the creative potential of coloured pencil work. Not what we knew as children - pencils now are very versatile with rich colours and produce painterly finished drawings.



Professional artist and cartoonist for over 40 years.

Thursday 20th June, 12 noon at

The Holt Fleet

£24 members or £26 non

Closing date: May.


Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th June 6:30pm

£15 members and £17 non.

Tour will start at Guildhall at 7pm, then back to St. George's Hall for a light supper.

Closing date: May.


WI Website Beginners & Follow on workshops

Saturday 15th June

Beginners - 10 - 12pm

Follow on - 12:30 - 2:30pm