How do I join SPArkles WI?

You can join our WI by just turning up at our monthly meetings that are held the first Thursday of every month in Spectrum Days Hall, Droitwich.  Or you can contact the WI committee by emailing us at: 

The first 2 visits are free. Next year January;  our joining fee for the year 2019 will be £42.

Is there a membership form I have to complete?

Yes, you can  collect one when you are sure you wish to join. Remember at Sparkles WI you are allowed to visit twice before making a decision. 

How long do the meetings last?

We start the meeting at 7:30pm but usually arrive before then so we can have a chat and a drink, and usually some cake too. We are usually finished by 9.30pm - depends on how long we chat for!

Can I get involved in organising events for the WI?

Yes, we encourage active participation as this is 'your' WI that you help to shape and grow as membership grows. All of our events are inspired by our members, so if you want to see something on the programme, or if you want to get involved with organising events, please speak to a committee member, who will be delighted to have some help!

Can I be a member of several WI's?

Yes, you can be a member of as many WI's as you like, but you will need a multi-membership. Please ask a committee member if you would like more details.

This will be an extra £20 to your second WI.