Have you ever wanted to have a go at something new, but never seemed to get round to it?

Have your dreams become pipedreams because you don't want to try things on your own?

Well, now’s your chance to realise your dreams. With a group of like-minded people, anything is possible.

See what we got up to in 2018 and 2019 and keep up with our activities in 2020.

If you have any ideas of activities or experiences you want to have a go at, please share them Alison and the group. Here are some suggestions of activities that we have yet to tackle.


Raising funds for our charity: Are you up for the challenge? Walking and camping out under the stars for 1 night in the Malverns.


Can you kick a ball? What about trying to get this ball into a hole. Who’s up for a round of Foot-golf at the Raven Golf Centre?


Do you have the need for speed! Indoor Karting roughly about £25 for around 20 minutes.


Release those tension spots. Be at one with your inner self.


Start your adventure at base camp. 4 thrilling challenges in 90 minutes. Assault course, escape room, Archery and survival maze. roughly £20 pp.

Or high ropes - zip along from a Chinook helicopter onto the above picture for high ropes. £35 pp which includes base camp.


Time to excel in snow. How about it?