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Ever wanted to have a go at ....or try something new, but never seemed to fulfill your dreams because you really don't want to experience it on your own.

Nows your chance, with like minded people, anything is possible.

Below are some suggestions, but if you have any ideas of your own, please share.


Rising funds for our charity. 1 night + navigation skills walking over the Malverns.

Are you up for the challenge. Camping out under the stars (with either toilet block/tent.) Thinking of next late June. Not quite Bear, not on this trip! Shout if interested.


Can you kick a ball? What about trying to get this ball into a hole. Let's go and have some fun. Whose up for a round of Foot-golf? This will cost around £8 at the Raven Golf Center.

Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

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A full work out, one difference Fresh Air. Come and join us for a walk with a difference.

These walks cost around £10, various locations


A natural wonder on our doorstep. This would be a gentle walk across the hills, last stop base camp - here they do large burgers, ice-cream and a pub across the way for those few who enjoy a quick tipple.

Looking at next year, but could be tempted one Sunday soon.


Next year around April time - warmer weather. This will cost £15 + £5 if wanting a wet suit (this might change next year.) This will be a blast, come on ladies best foot forward. Age is just a number.


Cob house  fisheries - £35 (new location.)

When riding a Segway it feels like you are gliding through the air at speeds of up to 12mph but with complete control over any terrain. Segway's are amazing pieces of technology which mirror even the slightest movement of its rider to ensure you remain in complete control.


Knife throwing, Helen suggested this bizarre activity.

This is roughly £25 per person. Click on the link above, Bassets Pole - who would of thought!

They are hourly slots. minimum of 8 people.

Girl power


Severn Vale Steam trains, A meal on board one of these beauties.


Challenge - experience the air rushing through your hair, whilst whizzing back down to earth. Do the leap of faith - dare and share.

Wye forest is the place - from £26 per person.

This will be next year, due to dark nights and Autumn weather.