Everyone's responsibility

Taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibly because environmental degradation threatens the long-term health of plants, insects, animals as well as humans. The WI campaigns to support the protection of the environment e.g.  the End Plastic Soup campaign, and as an individual you can contribute to a reduction in your carbon footprint, resource use and associated pollution by making changes to the way you live your life.


Keeping up to date

You can subscribe to email newsletters and campaigns to learn about new products and initiatives e.g.


Look at our recycling page for ideas and links to increase your household recycling.




You can reduce - reuse - recycle - repurpose any plastics. See our PLASTICS page for ideas and options.

  • Buy and wear your clothes well (WI leaflet)
  • Wash well to reduce the release of fibres from washing clothes (WI leaflet).
  • Do not flush wet wipes or baby wipes down the toilet as most contain synthetic fibres and can cause blocked drains
  • Reduce the amount of plastic entering your home


  • Fix leaks quickly
  • Use less – turn off tap whilst brushing teeth, take short showers
  • Drink tap water and refill bottles
  • Use a water storage butt in the garden
  • Increase meat free days – raising animals for meat uses a lot of water


  • Use energy-efficient bulbs and turn off lights
  • Turn off appliances at the plug
  • Buy energy efficient appliances
  • Reduce thermostat settings on heating systems by 1-2 degrees
  • Check your house insulation is up-to-date
light bulb



Are you throwing trees down your toilet?

  • Use toilet roll made from recycled paper - this uses few and 'nicer' chemicals to produce than virgin pulp. Brands include Ecoleaf, Who gives a Crap, Traidcraft, Essential.
  • Even better if the rolls are wrapped in paper and not plastic - check the websites.

Use less paper

  • Read the newspaper online and not in print
  • Ask for electronic bills and bank statements
  • Print out fewer emails

Recycle any clean paper that scrunches up

  • Do not recycle shiny wrapping paper or any with glitter
  • Do nor recycle greasy paper such as that use to wrap fish and chips!


  • Walk and cycle more
  • Errand batch and combine trips
  • Car share
  • Use public transport
  • Buy locally
  • Work from home when you can
  • Holiday more often in the UK


  • Grow your own vegetables, salad leaves and/or fruit
  • Compost your garden and uncooked food waste
  • Plant bee-friendly plants (WI leaflet)
  • Plant a tree

Please let Sparkles Wi know of any other useful sites and together we can start to make a difference.