• Make sure you recycle everything that can be:
    • In the local council schemes; check your local council for details of what they accept Worcestershire County Council; Wychavon A to Z recycling guide
    • At the local waste management centres e.g. metals, computers, aluminium foil (if you can scrunch it up, clean it and recycle)
    • At other schemes set up for individual items not recycled by local authorities (see list below)
  • Try to  make sure you don't contaminate your recycling as that can reduce the value of a whole lorry full. Follow the link to find out more

Recycling specific items

  • At local supermarkets e.g. some types of plastic bags, bread and magazine wrappers.
  • At specialist sites e.g. those run by Terracycle (check website for local drop-off points) including:
    • baby food pouches and Ella's kitchen snack wrappers - Terracycle collection point in Boston Tea Party, Worcester
    • bread and some magazine wrappers - drop off at supermarket plastic bag recycling point
    • contact lens pots and pods - some specsavers stores can recycle specialist elements via Terracycle.
    • crisp and other snack packets - check on Terracycle for information on pick up points. Westlands First School is a local collection point, also Worcester Guildhall and  Pack It In, Zero Waste Living in Worcester. The Walkers crisp packet recycling is run by Terracycle.
    • electrical items and electronics including computers, toasters, floor cleaners to TVs -  at Curry's whether bought from them or someone else. This includes all those wires and plugs we have in the cupboard - although you can recycle these at the local waste management centres too.
    • glasses - local opticians accept old glasses for recycling and reuse
    • inhalers e.g. for asthma - by GSK via selected pharmacies (note although they take the whole inhaler, only the aluminium is recycled)
    • mascara wands - wash and send in ziplock bag to the Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue - Midlands in Burton on Trent also on Facebook
    • plant pots that are not black in colour, can now be put in your green bin and sent for recycling. Black pots - recycle at local garden centres including Webbs
    • toothpaste and brushes - Peter Davis dental practice, Corbett Avenue, Droitwich - look on Terracycle web for details.


Bromsgrove and Droitwich Makerspace is a place for people to get together to share skills, learn crafts and repair things. The groups hosts a regular repair shop where you can take small electrical items.

Other repair cafes in Worcestershire are listed on Worcestershire's website.

Learn some basic sewing and repair skills.