New Year New You

Sarah G; a PTI with West Mercia police led us through some very eye opening activities to reflect on how much time we spend on ourselves before rushing into gruelling new year's diets and fitness regimes. She encouraged us to prioritise ourselves, so that achieving balanced eating, exercise and general healthy lifestyles would be easier.  In the process, we will not exhaust our poor old hormone producers, the adrenal glands! Further information can be obtained through Belinda.

Green Hearts & Climate Awareness

Cheryl talked to our group about various ecologist ideas. Thinking not only about our own misconcepts of waste, but our childrens children. What do we want this planet of ours to have left. She made us think of the open spaces here in Droitwich and how lucky we are to have such a nice park. Not only does it cater for the young with a playground but wild life are flourishing with natural species of plants; allowing habitats to breed.
We all designed a green heart, whilst thinking about our love for our community.

A Day in the Life of a Newspaper Reporter

Tristan was our man of the night, who gave us all an insight to a reporters life. Thrilling us with stories of what happens within the courtroom, with which he has to write using shorthand (as no electrical devices are allowed in.) Even the artists impressions of the accussed are drawn from memory! The setting out of a newspaper is also done in a strategic way. Apparently all those right handed people want news stories and those who are left are more arty, colourful articles. Which one are you? As more and more people use the internet, his team has reduced to 2 people because the public tend to ring/email them with stories to told. So if you have a story, don't hesitate, it could be the next FRONT page news.

Dementia Awareness

A lovely gentleman came and gave us a very positive insight into the condition of Dementia. We learnt through an innovative game of bingo:-

  • Dementia is not a natural part of ageing
  • Dementia is caused by disease of the brain (Alzheima's is a type of dementia.)
  • Dementia is not just about loss of memory.
  • It is possible to live well with dementia.
  • There is more to a person than dementia.

He explained how memory is affected by drawing a simple analogy with a bookcase carrying short term books on the top shelf, down to long term books on the bottom. If the bookcase gets rocked, the short term books fall out first, leaving the long term books. He explained that the emotional bookcase is separate and very much in the present, so positive emotions are important to make people feel comfortable. Bruce also encouraged us to use positive language and many of us committed to being Dementia Friends.

#IamWI New Committee

Our New Committee

  • Karen - President
  • Caroline - Vice President/ welcomer
  • Belinda - Minutes Secretary
  • Alison -  Events Secretary
  • Anne-Marie - PR, Facebook, Twitter
  • Beth - Liaison Officier / raffle seller
  • Cheryl C - Treasurer
  • Anne -  Liaison Officier
  • Debra - Treasurer
  • Jan - MCS, Moodle (password scriptwriter)
  • Linda & Nikki

As well as the above we have a host of volunteers throughout our humble group that help with Tea / Coffee and that all essential CAKE!


Visit to Churchfields Ice Cream Cafe

Refreshments included in visit.

Sparkles took a tour round local, family run farm Churchfields for our June meeting. Owner Michael explained and showed us how the milk gets from the pedigree dairy herd to the delicious ice cream sold in the cafe. There were lots of 'ahs' and '(m)oos' when we met the calves who live in their own little 'igloos.'

Following the tour, our usual cuppa was accompanied by an ice-cream of our choice; salted caramel was a favourtie, but not sure anyone braved the 'stilton!'

Village Fete

Our ladies did us proud, the tables were full; the judges contemplated and the rosettes were awarded. The full list is on the Village Fete 2017 page.

Whilst the judges were debating, a game was had by all - Hand bags at the ready. Medical items, tea bags, hair accessories, umbrellas and pants! Who'd of thought - what women carry with them in case of an emergency.


Friendly Skittles Match

match foster


  "Every Child Deserves Love"

Match Foster Care

Carrie Marsh - founder of Match Foster Care, gave us an insight to her business - LOVE is a powerful attribute to have; but not everyone gives this unconditionally.
When she was younger, Carrie grew up with foster children, some coming in unusual circumstances. Her parents opened up their home and welcomed numerous children to benefit from a caring and understanding environment.
So with like minded friends Match Foster Care was established.  They have been building their business for 6 years now - 40 fostering agencies keep them very busy. Approximately 100 children are referred for foster care every day. They have roughly 19 foster careers, 29 members of staff. Unfortunately only 1 or 2 children are placed in their homes.

Do the right thing by children.
* need reasurance
* need you to be there
* need you to be extra understanding.
* yes they can ring their mum/family
If someone came up to you and said,
"Put your phone down and your handbag/wallet, come with me."

Your not going home, your not speaking to any family member, your coming with me.    HOW WOULD YOU FEEL AT THIS POINT.
You wonder why they kick, scream, shout, hide - you've just destroyed their world! Even though its the right thing to do, they don't - put yourself in their shoes. ALONE.
If you wish to know more or feel you could help click on the red writing above.




Getting to know our new home


Apologies again for visiting speaker malfunction. The members threw themselves wholeheartedly into a quiz with a mix of some very creative and intelligent contributions! It was a close result but the prize went to the 'Fallen Women' and the pumpkin creation prize went to the 'Donald Trumpkin.'

We all agreed, our new home is HUGE, so what are you waiting for come and visit.




Socks and Chocs

Ian Northcott from Socks and Chocs came to talk to us about how he set up the charity which provides people who are homeless with items that help them when they find themselves having to cope on the streets. Members handed over a fantastic load of hats, scarves, socks, gloves and chocolates from SPArkles. Ian left us with the motivation to not just talk about helping but to 'take action' too.

Committee Performance - Oh yes we do!

A fantastic night was had by all. The committee performed, to the delights of their members. Thank you Sparkles for making 2017 a memorable year.