Thursday 7th January

We kicked off the new year in style with a full house, including 7 visitors. We enjoyed a talk from the script editor of "Doctors", who opened our eyes to the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to create a soap. Members voted on which of the six proposed WI resolutions SPArkles would support. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces rejoining for 2016, and also new ones who will help carry SPArkles into its next chapter.

Thursday 4th February -Self defence for women

Terry gave a practical self defence demonstration on various methods of dealing with an attack and those members who wished to participate were able to try out these methods. He highlighted the need to distract your affender. By using the moves shown would help enough to get free and run.

Thursday 3rd March - Make an Easter bonnet

A big thank you to Nicky for all her work putting this event on. All who attended had loads of laughs, whilst catching up with friends. These events are loved by all, as we all have a creative side hidden away.Its was a lovely evening and a relaxed approach to new skills learnt.

Thursday 7th April - A day in the life of a Magistrate.

Tables were placed, chairs ready to be filled, let the action begin. First the chairs had to be filled, several members claimed their seats,    not knowing which part they were to play. The drama unfolded before our eyes.
* At the top of the room, sat 3 members - these were the judges. They listen and pass judgement to the affendant.
* To their right sat 2 members - this is where the prosecutor and defence sit.
* To their left sat a very important person – the clerk (who knows all the legal requirements)
* In front of the judges is the accused.
* To the side of the clerk is the usher - who knows everything that is happening - very important person.

The evening was a great success, following on from this, our members are going to visit the courts in Birmingham.

Thursday 5th May A new committee has been chosen.

Karen - President      Linda - Vice President
Cheryl - Treasurer      Margaret - Assistant Treasurer
Beth - Support Treasurer      Alison - Secretary/web designer
Belinda - Minute Secretary     
Nicky/Belinda - Programme organisers
Anne-Marie - Media PR Officer, Facebook, twitter
Nicky - Archive officer/Welcomer & register
Linda - Assistant welcomer
Heres to another fun packed year.

Thursday 2nd June A visit to the Norbury Theatre.

A chance to see behind the scenes and was I surprised how far down this theatre actually went. Did you know this used to be a very grand hotel back in the day. The stage once housed the rich eating their meals and the storage facilities once cooked up a storm. Everyone who produces plays, acts, sound, lights, serves or mans those telephones do so from their hearts to put on a show for us all to be entertained. They are currently practising for Sister Act, can't wait.

Thursday 7th July - SPArkles' annual village fete.

A fabulous night, coupled with a chocolate quiz and a swapsie event.   18 Members saw another fantastic callboration of crafts made, by fellow members. Rosettes were won by: Celia, Alison, Fiona, Anne-Marie, Janet, Sue, Debbie, Cheryl, Helen and Karen K. All producing some excellent items to be proud of. Next round Malvern! Linda also made a scrumptious WI cake, which was enjoyed in our recess period. Thank you to all.

Thursday 4th August
Picnic in the park/ ice-cream at Churchfields.
As this is the month where we all depart on our hols, seek the sun and RELAX. Some of our WI's met up for lunch, chatted on facebook, visited each other and generally chilled.

Thursday 1st September - Wildlife Photography

an illustrated talk by Rosemary Winnall; an avid naturalist, Rosemary has featured on BBC Radio 4 and particularly loves smaller creatures! She enthusiastically described and showed us how to love some of the uglier species around us, such as slime mould, horse flies and spiders. We were treated to delightful photography and film of a variety of flora, fauna and fungi; Keith - the female - seal was a surprise; and the finale of the filming of the murmuration of starlins to Pachelbel's Canon in D   was spectacular.

Thursday 6th October

Sparkles ladies gave generously to local refuges as part of their harvest festival with a difference. The speaker from Women's Aid was overwhelmed by the amount of non persihable foo, toys and toiletries that were donated. Members heard about the amazing and vital work done by the charity and were shocked that the number of refuges across the country, were reducing on a regular basis. There's just 200 across the UK - including two in Worcestershire which are always at maximum capacity, receiving more demand than they can cope with. Women's Aid UK are campaigning to save the remaining refuges - find out more below:-

Thursday 3rd November - Craft Extravaganza!

Various materials used to create baubles for our Christmas tree feature next month. 4 New members looked in, to see what we were all about, 2 liked and have joined our merry band. A jolly night was had by all. A good chat, catching up on news and outings, followed by a brew or two.

Thursday 1st December

A celebration visit to Hanbury Hall on Sparkles 4th Year and going strong. A lovely tour, which was conducted by a very knowledgable man who told us the history of Hanbury Hall. We also had cream teas upon arrival, which credit to the cook, were fantastic and enjoyed by all who attended. The raffle had some amazing prizes. An enjoyable night. Happy Birthday Sparkles on our 4th year.