WFWI Annual Craft Competition, 2019

SPArkles entries

Cooperative entry

Papercraft, floral exhibit and cake (courgette and lime cake) with an allotment theme.

Class 3: Craft, upcycling

Thanks to Alison

Class 4: Cookery, artisan loaf with a theme 'out of this world'

Thanks to Deb R (ch√Ętaigne - chestnut bread)

Class 5: Preserves, theme planet earth - 2nd prize

Thanks to Deb R and Karen (gooseberry jam and mixed pepper chutney)

Class 6: Art, theme 'our environment'

Thanks to Karen

Class 7: Photography, theme 'woman or man and technology

Thanks to Jan H

Class 8: Sugarcraft theme 'coral reef'

Thanks to Alison